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Self-Awareness Training Program

Minding Your Inner Genius


Getting Started

You are about to embark on a journey like no other through the fine art & skill of Self-Awareness; your innate guidance. Self-Awareness helps you achieve the best possible outcomes in all aspects of your life experience. Learn to trust it in everyday matters. Apply it in your work, in decision-making, and in overcoming emotional obstacles to life challenges, through this natural process that puts in motion your own Inner Genius!

Program Content & Services

Measphere Self-Awareness Training program is a multi-faceted, multi-media program for self-paced learning that includes One-on-One Sessions for support and guidance. Learn to interpret the language of metaphor, and how to assess and apply it in everyday matters. Self-Awareness builds self-trust and self-confidence. Develop vital interpersonal skills, relevant to both your professional and personal relations. Bridge the gap to your inner genius to achieve greater acumen with your intuitive nature and expand your Self-Awareness.


E-docs and Audio

E-docs and Audio modules for self-paced learning includes:

  • Meascripts Self-Awareness Guide

  • The Letters; real-life case studies

  • The Thoughtful Garden; Curiosities, Insights, and Prose

  • Velocity, Moving Sideways; 

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Mea.Fit Subtle Body Workouts expand Self-Awareness through movement. Inspired by the rhythm of the tides, this choreographed workout series with original content enlivens the life-force within. Enjoy all 4 programs, plus Stretch & Warm-up, at your own pace in your at-home studio.

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One-on-One Sessions

To get the most out of the program One-on-One Sessions, in-person and virtual, are available by appointment. Email support is also available. For additional guidance,

contact Pamela at:

757.528.7175 /

The Corporate Care Initiative invites employers to support their employees who prefer an alternative and discreet preventive-health resource.

Employees of

Corporate Care Sponsors receive

a 20% discount on

One-on-One Sessions.

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