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Meascripts Volume I


Self-Awareness Guide


Chapter 2
The Master Weaver 

Chapter 4
The Process of Allowing 

Chapter 1
Conscious Intention

Chapter 3
The Spiral of Expansion

and Return


Chapter 5
Cosmic Order

Your Primary Learning Tool for


Meascripts is a 100-page color-illustrated guide that defines the process of Self-Awareness. It is your quintessential manual for Life. Understanding the purpose behind the events that contribute to your life experience is essential to your wellbeing. Through the process of Self-Awareness, you learn how to connect to your inner guidance and understand and apply the language of metaphor. 

Learn how to apply Self-Awareness in all areas of your life experience. With awareness as your guide, you make right-action decisions that lead to optimal outcomes which serve not only you but all concerned. 

By raising your awareness you become a positive force of change and an expression of your highest potential. Self-Awareness is the key to a balanced and healthy life experience.


Chapter 6
The Cosmic Mind

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