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Heart and Soul Unite

What can one heart say about the past, present, or future. For it is not for us to know in the now, but rather for us to contemplate the need to know.

What do we "know" really about life and its various and wondrous ways of beingness that confronts us at any moment of the day. It is but a moment in time that we seek within ourselves that cannot yet be reached.

It is the inevitable, the invincible, and the not knowing of all things and all truth that shall drive us forward for evermore. For it was meant to be, this very theme, this search for which we are all bound––to find ourselves again––that shall one day lead to the enlightenment we all as one will enjoy for all eternity.

The time is near. It is upon us all now to seek this wondrous moment of now within our own heart and mind of knowing, that we are eternal beings of a magnificent future knowing of our eternal self.

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