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The Water Principle

Our connection to water is our most primal awareness and goes far and wide in our pursuit of well-being. Aligning with the rhythm of the tides has the power to awaken unconscious avenues into your psyche, affording you with the aptitude of enlivened self-awareness and physical prowess.

Mea.Fit Subtle-Body Programs:

  1. Rhythm of the Tides: full-body balancing

  2. Tides: upper-body strengthening

  3. The Ten Harmonic Poses: calming and stress-reducing

  4. Allegro: lower-body grounding

Expand your Self-Awareness through movement. Destress and rejuvenate with 4 original programs. Tone and elongate muscles while strengthening your Achilles tendon to help prevent injuries. 

Mea.Fit programs reflect the rhythm of the tides with choreographed movements that ebb & flow like water. This movement enlivens the Life-Force within and connects you to your subtle body, expanding and strengthening your connection to your inner guidance.

Four original programs plus a bonus Stretch & Warm-Up for an effective and varied workout experience. This series challenges you within a moderate level of exertion. Ideal for Pilates and Yoga practitioners.

Available as a subscription for $8.99/month or $85/year. Click Subscribe button above.



Due to copyright limitations the original Mea.Fit playlist could not be used, therefore copyright-free music was substituted. To create your own playlist of select Mea.Fit music, see playlist link below, and purchase the music from iTunes for the best workout experience.


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