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The System of 4 refers to the four bodies of wellness that function as a whole-body system:

  • Subtle Body (our innate intuitive awareness)

  • Emotional Body

  • Mental Body

  • Physical Body

How the Measphere Programs Work:

By expanding your Self-Awareness, you tap into your Inner Genius. This Voice is an expression of the true nature of your Being untainted by past memories, either forgotten or remembered. It serves as a pure form of unbiased guidance more than any other advice you could seek anywhere else; "understand the life you have, to create the life you want."


By learning to follow this guidance you gradually expand your awareness, enabling a self-evolving process to unfold. You gain the ability to determine actions, decisions, and behaviors that serve you and all concerned. This is the essence of whole-body fitness and well-being through self-governance.


Meascripts Self-Awareness Guide offers an opportunity to discover your inner genius. It teaches you how to grow your self-awareness and thrive in your daily life. 


Mea.Fit Subtle-Body Workout programs strengthen your connection to your subtle body. Through a choreographed series of movements that reflect the rhythm of the tides, you enliven the Life-Force within.”

Together, along with the other products and services available, these Measphere programs offer a unique training opportunity to learn a technique and physical byway to expand your Self-Awareness.


Bring balance to your whole-body system and transcend emotional barriers

Strengthens connection to Innate Awareness

Mea.Fit subtle body workouts awaken the life-force within 


Learn the language of metaphor to reveal life's purpose locked within every moment of your life


Be the source of your own health and wellbeing

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